Longevity Biotech Initiates Clinical Neuroinflammation Biomarker Study

Scientist performing research

July 16, 2018

Longevity Biotech, Inc. Initiates Clinical Neuroinflammation Biomarker Study at the Department of Veterans Affairs to Investigate Immune-related Aspects of Parkinson’s Disease with Continued Support from The Michael J. Fox Foundation


Philadelphia, PA – Longevity Biotech, Inc announces the initiation of clinical biomarker activities focused on the identification and stratification of Parkinson’s disease patients focused on the immune system.  Through a comprehensive examination of both pro- and anti- inflammatory aspects of Parkinson’s disease patients immune system the goal of this study is to identify blood-based immune markers that can be used as a potential diagnostic marker of disease progression.   Clinical activities associated with this study will be conducted by the leading team at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center and this study is supported by the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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